There’s a Successful Coach Behind Every Great Professional

3 min readJun 15, 2021

Alex Ferguson. Ramakant Achrekar. Jose Mourinho

These are the coaching greats behind sports legends like David Beckham, Sachin Tendulkar and Christiano Ronaldo

For the Netflix and HBO-Max generation, there’s Wendy Rhodes guiding Bobby Axelrod in the popular series Billions

Personal Coaching, which was once reserved for C-suite executives and people managers, provided for by the employer, is increasingly becoming a popular choice among a larger number of successful and ambitious white collar professionals. Millennials and Gen Zs are investing in their own success and personal development by hiring personal coaches for themselves.

“Everybody needs a coach”

Bill Gates

There are three main drivers of this trend:

1. Sensitive Issues

With increasingly complex organisation structures and roles in matrix organisations, 91% professionals agree that they have sensitive professional issues they need external help with. They aren’t comfortable addressing these issues in their existing networks (managers, HR, colleagues, friends and family) and don’t know where else to seek this help. Enter Personal Coaches.

2. Confidentiality

At a time when data privacy is a burning issue, it is no surprise that confidentiality of sensitive conversations is one of the primary concerns of coachees. While certified Coaches are ethics-bound, one of the ways professionals are ensuring confidentiality is by hiring their own coaches. While this is still a nascent trend, it is fast growing among millennials and Gen Zs.

3. Adoption Of Digital Platforms

Speaking of Gen Zs and Millennials, there is an accelerating adoption of digital wellbeing and learning platforms. What started with online counselling becoming more popular and accepted is now beginning to show in the personal development and coaching space

So what should one keep in mind when hiring a personal coach? Here is our list of top 3 things to consider:

1. Coaching is different from Counselling

While Counselling helps answer “why” you indulge in certain repeat behaviours, Coaching focuses on “what you can do differently”. But they don’t stop there — they help you define a path of “how you can change” as well and hold you accountable. It is more action and goal oriented to achieve a stated goal.

2. It isn’t for everyone

Coaching is for those who are committed to and ready to change. It’s an inward reflection and journey to effect change. One of the first things good coaches do is to identify if someone is “coachable”. You need to be comfortable with being vulnerable and committed to your own growth.

3. Coaching isn’t Mentoring

Mentors give you answers from their own experience. They are typically from the same industry as you and have a few more years of experience in a role similar to yours. Coaches won’t give you answers. Instead, they ask you deep, reflective questions that make you think and find your own answers

So if you feel a little lost, doubt yourself, have a vision but no clear plan, don’t always follow through or find yourself procrastinating AND if you’re committed to making the changes that will help you achieve your full potential, head over to schedule a free trial coaching session with your own personal coach. From small changes to big challenges, work with a trusted, certified coach or mentor to be your best self.

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